Queue strategy "Linear" with Asterisk 13 PJSIP and Realtime

I am trying to set up a queue using ring strategy as “linear” with 4 extensions as:

PJSIP/85024001 penalty 1 - (A)
PJSIP/85024002 penalty 3 - (B)
PJSIP/85024003 penalty 2 - ©
PJSIP/85024004 penalty 4 - (D)

How can I set up to ring from A to C, after B and D with timeout of 10 seconds? I made the settings but only ring the extension A, all the time, didn’t pass for the next extension ©.

Looks like this is an old Asterisk bug.


Can anyone help about this topic?

why are using penalty when using linear ?

when u are using linear it is automatic always stars from a the first in last going to last in list

by using a penalty it should not go further is agent a is still avail

that’s my experience

well, but who is the first when we use Asterisk Realtime?

I am thinking in remove the Realtime for the table queue_members because havent solutions

This is a basic question or an Asterisk Bug for Realtime?

I believe the mailing list post you linked to mentioned that it was realtime specific, and a shortcoming of that.

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