Asterisk linear queue strategy


We are trying to use queue settings from the database by using the realtime module. So far so good, except that by changing queue strategy from any to the linear - we are getting a warning:

WARNING[28049] app_queue.c: Changing to the linear strategy currently requires asterisk to be restarted

This is not possible, especially business hours, so I just wonder - is there any workaround for that? How are you dealing with that?

I imagine the number of people who change strategy on the fly is vanishingly small.

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Maybe to avoid the restart, you could create a new queue with linear strategy, add the same members to it, then update your dial plan to direct call flow to this new queue ?

you can do it out of business hours, it’s just a seconds issue - restarting the asterisk service after you change the ring strategy on queue - a line config change …

No, unfortunately it should be done during the business hours mostly, and its changing quite often… 3-5/times per day

@penguinpbx, It might be an option, i will think about this option, it might create some mess in the database, but as a workaround it might work.

Use the ringall strategy with penalties.

Assign penalties to your users in the order you wish them to ring

Use queuerules.conf to change what penalties are enabled for callers based on time rules.

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