Queue does not detect originating channel hang up

When calling party hangs up, agent SIP phones continue to ring. queues.conf and dial plan for queue is below. Calls originate on Zap channel via TDM400.

I just tried with SVN-branch-1.4-r77571 and was using 1.4.9 before that. Both versions have the same problem. Using zaptel-1.4.4.

exten = 6901,1,Queue(${EXTEN}||||90)
exten = 6901,2,Playback(/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/record/90sectimeout)
exten = 6901,3,Hangup

persistentmembers = yes
autofill = yes
monitor-type = MixMonitor

fullname = Frontdesk
strategy = ringall
timeout = 10
wrapuptime =
autofill = yes
autopause = no
maxlen =
joinempty = no
leavewhenempty = no
reportholdtime = no
musicclass =
call-limit = 2
member = SIP/6005
member = SIP/6008
member = SIP/6009
member = SIP/6011
member = SIP/6012
member = SIP/6013
member = SIP/6014

Did you ever find a solution to this as i have the same problem.

Hi The problem will be disconnect detection on your zap channel. its nothing to do with the queue.


I believe that I had to edit /etc/asterisk/zapata.conf to indicate the correct signaling on the zap channels. Looks like I added;

signalling = fxs_ks
channel => 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

signalling = fxs_ls
channel => 8

I have two Digium cards and use the first seven fxs ports to connect to Verizon using kewl start. My last port is connected to a paging system and uses loop start.

You need to speak to you co provider to check that they are providing “Disconnect clear signals” on the lines