Queue calls to members with DND


it sometimes happens that queue members activate DND feature on their phone. Moreover, some enter numbers in phone’s blacklist. In either case, phone reports busy. For a queued call, that results in Asterisk repeatedly trying to dial the phone, generating sometimes hundreds of AMI events, which is highly undesirable.

Is there a way to tell Asterisk not to retry members that reply with 486 Busy just for the current call? I don’t want to put members in pause or deactivate them in any way for a longer period of time. I am using Local channel to dial members.

There’s no “current call” functionality I’m aware of for such a thing.

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That’s unfortunate, but it occurred to me that, since I am using Local channel, I can mark busy members and simply not dial the actual SIP endpoint on subsequent attempts. Thanks for the answer.

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