Asterisk queue member not receiving calls till they rejoin

Calls are not reaching an available queue member. The error shown when a call is being sent to the queue member is

“480 Temporarily Unavailable”

The call appears to be “Rejected” from the Asterisk Master CDR but the Agent had not enabled DnD and was available.

From netdata I can see some UDP packet loss but it is usually under 0.1% packet loss.

You need to provide logging from Asterisk.

Also, screen shots from wireshark are generally insufficient to be useful, even though they seem to have become very common in the last few weeks. If SIP logging is needed, genrally you should enable it in Asterisk and copy the relevant parts of the Asterisk log files, as text, so that it can be searched.

did you try to call it your self ?

what is the status of exten in system in use ? maybe something went wrong with that

Hi David,

Thank you for the reply.
Unfortunately, this happens intermittently and is quite hard to spot.
That is why I provided a wireshark screen cap.

From what I’ve experienced it can happen maybe once a week, the users are highly sensitive to that.

That said, I have followed the steps on
I will provide better logging info once this re-occurs. Which is very infrequent.

Hi Ben,

Thank you for the reply!
This is hard to catch. the status of the phone from Asterisk “queue show” is Available.

I had created a dashboard for them that shows they’re soft-phone status and the users report that it shows them as available when the call is on queue and not reaching them.

Asterisk shows the agent is available but somehow calls are not reaching them or appear as “Busy” on the CDR records.

I am running asterisk 13 realtime the devastate gets stuck and need to reset and it works fine afterwards

Hi Ben,

I have a cronjob that restarts Asterisk everyday to avoid such issues.
I wouldn’t want to be resetting Asterisk every time and would like to get the root cause.
I’m collecting the debug log as David had suggested, hopefully I should be able to find the root cause.

Thanks again! You seem to be going through what I am.

Though my queues are not realtime. I had to add them to queues.conf . I’ve had bad experiences with storing Asterisk queues in the database.

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