Queue behavior and high CPU load

Hello All.
I have Asterisk 16.12.0 installed on VmWare platform, and queue configure in it. All queue configured in relatime mysql db. The agent strategy is ringall.
The first problem is, that many incoming call wait in query, while some agents is free and and not all phone is ringing.
Queue parameter is: timeout=0, ringinuse=no, retry=5, wrapuptime=0,autofill=yes, memberdelay=0
Waiting agent answer ~100 abonents.

Also i have high CPU load.

There is no error in asterisk console or something strange, voice quality is good.
I’m not sure that it is normal queue behavior. Is it normal?

You have a very low CPU load, not a high one. There is no CPU less than 86% idle.

what i once heard the library reloads the queue after every answer which causes problem in real time queues

cpu usage referring to asterisk not node
cant find the exact description

Why asterisk have 100% load, at the picture bottom ?

about what library you talk?

I would suggest you to try out the latest Asterisk version 18.1.1 and see if the problem persists. The 18 version will be a long term support LTS (https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/display/AST/Asterisk+Versions), and should be stable. Different from older asterisk versions as 13, which caused a lot of trouble when first released.

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