Execution of AGI after queue call connected in Asterisk 1.2

I am running Asterisk 1.2 and I know that the queue application has an added option in 1.4 to execute an AGI on the calling channel once the call is connected when using the Queue application. Is this same type of functionality possible in 1.2 using some other mechanism? Currently, I use AgentCallBackLogin to login agents that I call using the ringall strategy. When an Agent picks up, I am using the ackcall feature to prevent voicemail and answering machines from being connected. Once an agent presses the ‘#’ key and the call is connected, I want to be able to run an Application (probably an AGI of some sort) to perform some more work based on who the agent was and some information that the customer entered when calling in. Is this possible in 1.2 or is my understanding correct that once the call is connected, no further dial plan execution is performed on that channel until the call hangs up?