Fastagi & PHP

Hi ,
I want Asterisk to communicate with a php script in a remote server . after days and nights of unsuccessful shots , I knew there should be a fastagi server on the remote box ,

  • does phpagi-fastagi.php (from phpagi class) do the job? if not , is there any agi server for php that can activate the service and open the port?
  • what configuration , other than adding service on port 4573 in /etc/services and make /etc/xinted.d/fastagi file ?
    coz every time asterisk box try to connect i got (connection refused) in CLI window ,
    thanx in advance for your kind help ,

Any Help ?

Also have the same problem here. But I learnt you have to write a socket that listens to a particular port. u could check out the fastagi-test script in you box written in pearl. u’ll realise the remote box has to be listening on the port.
U could also check out
But why don’t you just use AGI locally instead of FastAGI in a remote box

Check if you have defined the AGI user in the remote box, look in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf and check /etc/asterisk/phpagi.conf too.


Marco Bruni

Thanks a lot mbruni for the heads up on connection. I managed to connect without errors using php-fastagi. everything seemed to be ok but asterisk hang every time I tried to connect to the remote script. It printed a lot of stuff on the screen but got to a place and just stopped.
I think the main question here is can the normal agi scripts be ported to fatsagi or are there modifications to be made?Coz the remote script is working perfectly when being accessed via agi.Only problem is when I put it in box running fastagi process. Any help will be appreciated