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good morning

I have reviewed and I see that Asterisk 16.23.0, 18.9.0, and 19.1.0 is already available, which of the three do you recommend to install? additionally, you want to know if there is a specific version of centos or what is the best operating system to use.

Thank you

19.1.0 if you want early access to the latest features, but can tolerate changing in less than a year.

18.9.0 if you want a version that will be supported for a almost three years.

16.23.0 if you want a mature version, but are prepared to move to 18.x in the Autumn, and certainly by next Autumn.

I’m not sure which versions of Centos and Debian are currently used for testing.

We support any currently supported version of CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian. There isn’t really a recommended specific.

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