Questions about dahdi, extensions.conf

I’ve got an asterisk server configured, using DAHDI. I have 1 SIP client (X-LITE Softphone) connected to the asterisk server via this in sip.conf:


This is from my chan_dahdi.conf file:


And this is how I have my extensions.conf file configured:

exten => s,1,Dial(SIP/phonesys)

We have a T1 connection that our DIDs come in through. So, assuming that the T1 is plugged into the Asterisk server’s T1 card and things are configured in that regard…does my config above ensure that all incoming calls will ring the SIP client ‘phonesys’? That’s the goal. I’m not very sure about this and am a newebie at configuring things for incoming calls.

No, that configuration will not work. Please read this: … sions.conf … g+sip.conf

Basically you need to configure your T1 in chan_dahdi not only define a context, it need at least to be defned language,context,signalling and dahdichan.

Then in your extensions.conf set the context, the same that you define in chan_dahdi and create the extensions to reach maybe an: answer,dial,hangup or set the especific DIDs from your T1 and set individual applications for each one of them. if you want the customer dial any extension include the context of your phones too.

Finally in the sip.conf, configure the phones, create the same context in your dialplan and include the context for outbound calls and many other services.

Sorry my english