Questions about 1.6 bridging channels vs MeetMe appConferenc


I have been spending a lot of time working with asterisk AGI and python. In 1.6 I see there is a new app ‘Bridge’ which supposedly allows you to bridge two channels together. Questions I have are:

  • How do you identify a the channel id of an active line/call?
  • Ive tried things like GET VARIABLE channelid and uniqueid
  • Can you bridge more than 2 channels?
  • Can you do a 3 or 4 way call with the Bridge app?
  • Is it better to use MeetMe than Bridge?
  • Can you disconnect one of the bridged lines once they are connected?

I have been trying to find documentation on how to get channel ids, bridge calls, etc. but must be looking in the wrong places. I also have the Oreily book for Asterisk but its 1.4 and <. Please let me know if you have any recommended online resources I should start with. I have used but its sparce on the details. Thanks