Asterisk 1.6 Bridge


There is a new application in Asterisk 1.6 called Bridge.
Does anybody has a working config?
The documentation about this is very little.

This is the reason why I need it:

  1. Customer calls our company via ISDN.
  2. Attendant picks up the phone
  3. Customer asks for Salesman.
  4. Attendant calls Salesman but he is not answering the phone
  5. Attendant annouces via intercom there is a phonecall for him.
  6. Salesman dials Attendant phonenumber.

Now the attendant has 2 incoming calls:

The Customer & Salesman

Now the attendant wants to connect the 2 callers to each other.

I think we can manage it with the bridge application


Hendrik van der Ploeg
The Netherlands[/b]

That would probably work, but also consider parking the caller and paging the salesman with the parking lot number, or parking the caller and transferring the salesman to them.


That was just the hint I needed!!!

Parking the call and then transfer to the parked number.

Thanks a lot!!!