Question regarding task processors for Sorcery

Good Afternoon,

I’m currently running into a road block a bit with asterisk 13. My environment has Asterisk built from the git branch 13, at commit 73cbb915c14620d831e884daa895c5d20709a347. It is set up with chan_pjsip and realtime for aors, auths, endpoints, music on hold, queues, voicemails. In the past due to unoptimized views and no sorcery caching, the pjsip distributor task processors got hammered once and went over 500 messages during a server crash.

I’ve fixed those problems and added sorcery caching as well to avoid having to do tons of queries related to realtime with chan_pjsip though now I ran into a different task processor hitting its high water limit. While stress testing my new set up, I ran into the task processor sorcery/contact hitting 1500 in queue when I have sipp sending anywhere above 10 registration calls per second. The higher the rate, the quicker the queue overflows with it taking a minute at a rate of 30 registers/calls per second.

I saw that on the page describing the task processors that this is, as its name states, one of the sorcery task processors. Specifically it being for sorcery observer callbacks related to the contacts. Though that is the limit of the information I have found through google.

I was wondering what exactly that task processor is used for, and how it could potentially be sped up in its process time for each task.

Thanks in advance,