Question about asterisk capability

Hello everyone,

I am new to asterisk and I am looking to use asterisk as the phone system in the small business.

Is it possible to setup a system such that when a client calls 1 phone number (which is related to the asterisk server), they will get a list of options to talk to someone (press 1 for sales, press 2 for tech support, press 3 for customer support, etc.)? Then, when the client chooses an option, asterisk will route the call to the agent’s cell phone or office phone? The cell phone would be used in the event the agent needs to work from home. Also, would asterisk be able to call multiple agent’s phone at the same time until one agents picks up?

I am looking to integrate asterisk with vTiger and if this system is possible, then that would be a perfect fit!

Yes, Asterisk can do all of the things you’ve mentioned if configured to do so. As for vTiger integration I’m unaware of anything but others may chime in.

That is very good to know.

Is there some sort of list of open source packages that implement asterisk? Also, are the there any solutions that can be installed onto a webserver such as HostGater or do you have to install it using a linux server?

I don’t know what you mean by implement. Asterisk is an open source piece of software that can be used to do telephony things like you mention. It needs to be run on a server.

Here are some examples of an open-source package implementing asterisk:

Ok, so asterisk has to be running on a linux server. So to get asterisk calling phones, do I connect in an Ethernet and assign it a number and all done? Or, do I have to interface it with the POTS?

Ah, that’s a GUI and distribution. I don’t know if there is a list.

In order to get access to the traditional telephone network you have to pay for it. A VoIP provider or a traditional analog connection.

I’d also suggest reading the Asterisk book[1] as it covers this stuff.


You need a PC and the Elastix distro. It is a distro based on FreepBX but it includes vtiger also. You need to install it in a actual machine or a vps, you cannot install it on hostgator. If you have a pots line you need to buy a card to put inside the machine. If you don’t have a line you can buy from a sip provider. Also you need to buy voip phones. The machine and the phones connects to your ethernet switch. Finally you need to configure everything. FreePBX or Elastix can do everything that you need but you have to spent some time reading.

So vTiger and asterisk needs to be on the same machine? Is it possible to put vTiger on the hostgator server and asterisk on a linux server?

They can be installed to different machines. Well it would be a funny project to do. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t see the reason why you cannot install vtiger on hostgator but expect problems and hassle without reason e.g. you have an internet outage but you pbx is in your office.