Query on number of phones and usage at Universities?

I am interested in the scalability of Aaterisk. Is the software capable of handling 3,000 or more phones?

Anybody in Canada using this software?

Any one at a University using this software?

Asterisk is easily scalable to 3000 users.

What we need to know is how many active connections do you need to the PSTN, for us to give you more info.

Im sure you will find many large sites in canada.

We have over 3000 phones but have no idea what number are busy at any one time. We don’t own a PBX. Our current services is Centex from our Telco. Of these 3000 phones about half are in student residences. The telco wants many many thousands of dollars to do a survey of phone usage

If one assumes the students use the phone more at night and the staff phones are used more in the day. Alot of the calls would be internal except at certain peak times. Currently all of our phones are Direct Inward Dial so there never is any blocking. Could the system handle say 240 connections to the telco. I assuming we would get a bunch of T1s and connect them.

Given a powerful enough CPU, sure. A dual-CPU 2.8ghz with plenty of RAM would do fine, I’d think. 240 connections would be 10 PRI’s. Something like a TE410P or TE411P can handle 4 T1 loops each. So, you’d need 3 cards in the server, and could hand 288 total lines. Verifying that you can in fact run 3 cards in one server (talk to digium) would be a good idea…

Some info at these links


voip-info.org/wiki/view/Aste … mensioning

Ok lets assume you can have 240 lines to PSTN (10 T1 Cards), you can then have another 2 asterisk machines to handle internal calls

yeah, i thought of that, but didn’t want to get too tricky :smile: