Queries about asterisk

I am a newbie.
I have a small call center (about 15 agents).I am now using a brand media server for my enterprise(s8300) but i can not afford anymore the big money they request for support,updates,maintainance etc.Sometimes i have the feeling i have to pay for to have the right to just look at my system.
So… i am looking to switch over to an asterisk solution.Feeling a bit unsecure.
I have a Pri 30 channel line.Some questions:
Now i have an extension (777) (ACD).These incoming calls are routed to a queue.Estimated wait time in queue,queue positition are announced to the caller and(very important) right before an agent answers the call he hears an ‘origin announcment’ telling him from what queue the call is comming.This is configured like this cause some agents are loged in at more than one queue.
Is this possible with an asterisk system ?
Are the ready solutions call center softwares providing futures like this ?
Any suggestions on call center software ?
Any other software that will help or is needed ?(call recording,cdr,reporting etc)
Any suggestions on system and/or hardware setup of the system ? (gateways,pci cards etc)

Any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you

If you want a simple queue system with just call distribution to different agents, Asterisk can do this without software add-ons. There are lots of turn-key systems based on Asterisk that provide a full CRM system that can pop up customer information as soon as the call gets sent to the agent.

All of the requirements you listed can definitely be handled by a basic Asterisk installation.

Since you refer to a 30-channel PRI, I’m assuming you have a EuroISDN line that comes in on an E1. This isn’t a problem either, you can get cards with 1,2,4, or 8 E1 ports on them that Asterisk can natively speak to.