Asterisk Call Centre 50 Seats


How stable is the asterisk call Queues for Call Routing for 50 Seats. I need 4 PRI’s no trunk. I have read about people having issues with call routing due to which the Zap channels cause asterisk or Linux to crash , or the call Queing not being refined due to which asterisk crashes.

Anybody who can advice me on what hardware to choose and how should i go about the installation. Also how stable is Asterisk Business Edition and what is the Best hardware to choose. Should i use PRI Voip gateways(eg. audiocodes) and totally eliminate zap channels or should i have multiple asterisk servers , one which routes calls blindly, one which does the queing.

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Take a look at - they have some decent s/w. 50 calls using a separate gateway is a cinch for a server to deal with. We use a separate Cisco router with PRIs going in to it for our connectivity to the PSTN. This takes the load off the server. Currently we use a 3662 with NM-HDV-48-DI cards.

We use the public distribution of asterisk and it runs well for us - we’re on version 1.4.20. We run it on Centos version 5.

For servers, we use HP/Compaq DL-380 G5s. It has been a good platform for us and we use that platform for a lot of other servers as well.

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we have 160 seats and two asterisk servers. One for outgoing calls and one for incoming calls(IVRs,queue, etc.) Each server have 2 cards - Sangoma 104DE and are based on INTEL S7000FC4UR-ENTERPRISE with 8GB RAM where 6 GB i set as a RAMDISK for call recording(improving quality) and two quad core xeons. Everything works fine - uptime is now 110 days :smile:


Thanks for your comments.
I am specifically concerned about the Asterisk Call Queues application. We don’ t mind spending on the ABE if it is sure to work for a 50 queue scenario.

Also, Queuemetrics in my opinion is a purely reporting and analysis tool. Do they have Asterisk apps as well?