I am wondering if there is anyone out there that has successfully gotten QSIG to work from Asterisk to a legacy PBX (in this case Tadiran Coral) and might offer me some suggestions. I believe the issue might now be with the protocols and would like some advice on how to proceed.
I can get the span up and running, but when I try to complete a call across it, I end up with a ISDN disconnect cause of 69. Based on the items I see in the debug and CLI traffic, it appears that the calls should be working, but I’m stumpped now. Again I think it might be related to the protocol used, but I’m not sure.

thanks in advance for any assistance.


I have Asterisk server connected to a Panasonic TDE-200 PBX using QSIG.
Here is a piece of my dahdi-channels.conf:

group=1 context=phones-local language=ru switchtype=qsig nationalprefix = 8 overlapdial=yes signalling=pri_cpe rxwink=300 usecallerid=yes channel => 1-15,17-31

69 is requested supplementary service not implemented. Wild guess, do you have the right type of number.

I’m not sure what you mean by the “right type of number”. If you’re referring to the dial plan, I’m pretty sure that it is correct. Calls are attempting to connect across the span but fail.

Thanks again for your help.

Is it possible to get any debug information at the legacy PBX side?

Type of number refers to the ISDN field, which can have values like: national; international; undefined, etc. That could be irrelevant, because it is possible the diagnostic cannot be produced by the dialed number.

It should be possible to get Asterisk to produce detailed traces of the QSIG signalling (don’t trace the link layer). However, my expertise is mainly on SIP.