QOS on a 7200

Is anyone using QOS and if so how did you integrate this with your existing policies? I seen where someone had posted a config on the mailing list, but I am afraid this will not work do to the fact we have other access lists which are being used and could not be defined so easily. I should note the reason for wanting to use QOS is the fact that we and mostly the caller receives jitter and 5 to 10 second loss of sound interruptions all the time. I figure setting the IP addy in an access list and creating a QOS policy which references the list to allow priority would help in preventing such a problem?

Our router is using 12.3(1) and we are using a 100MB Ethernet connection.

What type of QoS are you looking for. DiffServ, TOS or what? there are a bunch of ways to do the same thing depending on how your network is setup.

We would like to use TOS, sorry

I can set you up. Call me. 507-383-2919.