Putting a call on hold using console

Hi everybody :smile:

Can anyone help me or advise how I can check what commands/ calls/ funcstions are exchanged between the SIP client (soft phone) and Asterisk server, when one of the callers during the conversation clicks on the "hold’ button, either to put on hold, or resume the call.
So, basically I need to know what system calls the client and server are using, if Hold function and everything that is connected with it is used.

Debug and option verbosity, in Asterisk CLI do not provide such information.

For example, I can call using the console like this:

[code]telnet IP 5038

Action: login
Username: admin
Secret: pass

Action: Originate
Channel: SIP/XXX
Exten: XXX
Priority: 1
CallerID: XXX[/code]

Can anyone help me how I can put a call on hold and resume the call using console?
Maybe there is a link to Asterisk documentation where I can find an answer to this question.

Thanks in advance!

if you are using asterisk 1.6.2 or above, there is CLI command channel redirect for you to redirect a channel a dialplan context for call hold.

*CLI> channel redirect
Usage: channel redirect <[[context,]exten,]priority>