Push-to-Talk functionality in Asterisk


I would like to have a Push-to-Talk service with Asterisk. The idea is that one user presses a button to talk/send a voice message to any other user or a group of users registered in asterisk.

Does anyone know if this is supported by Asterisk or how it could be implemented?

Any idea would be very welcome,

thanks for you help,
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Do you want to do pagging? (user picks up his phone, dials an extension, speaks in his phone, and his voice is heard on the speakers of a group of other phones)?

Not sure if you got anywhere on your push-to-talk project? I have something similar I would like to try as well. Let me know what you found out (if anything at all).

Different phones handle it differently. The general implementation seems to be with an alert-info header that has “some string” in it. You can get asterisk to send whatever header with whatever text, so you’ll need to dig into your phone’s documentation and see what it wants to “see” to perform this task.

Here’s some polycom info - http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Polycom+auto-answer+config

You should be able to google up how to do it based off this.

Looking more for a wifi based handset to use push to talk to group talk or private talk. Similar to the old Nextel.