Push Notification For Asterisk

Hi guys,

I wonder if there is a stable way to implement push notification for asterisk. This post has described a proper scenario where a user is registered and valid but for some reason (app is closed or exited) he is offline and could not reply to invite request. there is to state for a user like this :

  1. user is sent de-register message to asterisk, So a scenario can be like this:
  • Asterisk suspend the transaction

  • send a push notification and wait a while (before some timeout 30s) till the user notified and open his app to get register.

  • there are some third party application like Uniqush-Push taht can be used for connection to APNS or GCM, all we need is to send an http call to them from asterisk with some parameters. So what I mean about sending push notification is to call a web API of Uniqush-Push or other posibble solution. they handle the other part in their way.

  • when user register asterisk can resume suspended transaction and that’s it…

  1. user is not online and did not send de-register message, how to find out this ? the push business is same above and just need to find a solution to trigger it.

So, Is it possible to develop the above solution in Asterisk? Is there such implemented solution currently? if not, Could you please give us some clue or example code to configuring asterisk do it ?

Best Regards
Sirvan Parasteh