Asterisk with mobile phone apps - Keeping online?

I’m building a video doorbell with a door station (video source) that will video call extensions, which are building tenants’ mobile phones. I need to push call notifications to the mobile phones and keep them registered, even if the app is closed, etc.

  1. Is Asterisk a good solution for the server-side of this?
  2. How do I keep the phone registered and push call notifications to them?
  3. Is there multi-tenancy so each building is it’s own mini pbx?
  4. Is there a hosted solution that does 1-3 and doesn’t include outbound dialing/phone plans?


For iPhone, googling “asterisk iphone push” brings up some suggestions, although I have no experience, and haven’t looked into the detailed requirements for them. On Android you can simply mark the app as never sleep.

If you do want handle android the Apple way, you may find that you have to use different servers for each brand.

Of course, you can just use a normal mobile network phone call.

Thanks for the reply, David!

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