PSTN to IP to PSTN how to?

Good day!

I have the following task, please let me know if it is possible to do it with the help of Asterisk.

The task is: To connect a person from one country to a person in another country.

Setup: two computers will be placed in each country that is connected to PSTN and the Internet.

Description of task: A person in Country 1 will dial the local phone line (from the mobile phone) that is connected to the Asterisk Server. After the connection is made, (s)he will type the destination phone number in the Country 2, and the connection will be established.

Please let me know available solutions or where can I read about such setup.

Thanks a lot!

It seems like I need following design.

POTS - Asterisk Gateway (PSTN to SIP) - Asterisk Gateway (SIP to PSTN) - POTS.

Is it possible to setup Asterisk in such way? Btw, I will have only one incoming call at one time, hence one outgoing call at a time.