PSTN (POTS) Calls with Quintum Equipment?

I see there are some Quintum boxes with FXO ports that terminate the calls to the PSTN.

Can i use some of them with Asterisk? I know i can use Digium hardware but i need this POTS lines to be far away from the asterisk box.

My main plan is: Have an Asterisk box at main site, with no POTS lines, and have 3 remote sites with 4 POTS lines each (no asterisks), and having the Asterisk server route the calls to the Quintum equipments through DSL, and having the Quintum’s terminate the call.

Is this possible? or will i have to install 1 Asterisk server on each site with Digium hardware?

I know Quintum hardware supports SIP, son it surely works right? :unamused:

Thanks in advance
Jose Maria

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t work if the quintum gear supports SIP. Try to use reinvites whereever you can because its going over the Internet…

Thanks for the reply.

I see that i can connect the Quintum Tenors to asterisk vía SIP, so they will have an extension number and each should be an agent.

Is this the way to configure them for outgoing calls? or is there another way? maybe to be trunk lines. Any hint?

Jose Maria

I’ve been trying to do somewhat the same thing. I have some quintum equipment I would like to get working with asterisk. I’ve gotten to the point where the quintum has an extension and I can route a call to it. But once it gets to the quintum box, it doesn’t seem to know what to do with it. I don’t know the quintum equipment well enought to set up the route for the incoming SIP call yet.

There are already successful deployments using Quintum AXG2400 and AXT2400 boxes to terminate both analog Trunk lines and Analog Trunk Extensions. It just takes a Quintum Engineer to config the boxes to talk to Asterisk via SIP through the LAN.