Quintum and Asterisk

I have problems with the configuration to reach the PSTN with a Quintum Tenor ASM200 as Gateway using the FXO port. In some way Asterisk can talk with the Quintum but the Quintum is unable to talk with my PBX, I looking for information or a working configuration of this case, i really apreciate any help :exclamation:

Good luck I tried about a year ago and couldnt get it to work. Quintum even had their engineers look at it, they said “Ohh yeah it works with Asterisk,” but after them looking at it for 5 hours the engineers said it should work but for some reason its not…Not a good answer as Quintum was trying to get our company to sell their products, then the engineer said, “well I have exceeded my time limit on this project and I cannot help you out anymore…” Then they just quit talking to us, we sent the test units back and didnt bother with them anymore.

Ok Thanks very much :smiley: