PSTN Call Forwarding

Hello everyone,

I’m brand new to AsteriskNOW and have a question about PSTN-provided call forwarding…

My phone company (WindStream) has a call forwarding feature where I can dial 72#, wait for tone, enter number to forward to, wait for confirm, and hang-up – and have my number forwarded to the number entered.

With asterisk, numbers are terminated with a # in order to execute the dial.

How can I connect from an internal SIP phone (PAP2T, SPA3102, Aastra, etc) directly to the external trunk so I can access the telco’s forwarding function?

If this is possible, as “step-by-step” the instructions can be would be very helpful as this is all so new to me.

Thanks to you all in advance,

I suspect you will have to program Asterisk directly. However, if there is an AsteriskNow specific solution, you should ask in the AsteriskNow forum.