Provider Unregistered on GUI


My asterisk GUI is reporting that my providers is Unregistered but SIP SHOW Peer show that is register, how can I fix this? I read another treat like this but I can not find it now.

Any suggestion?

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hmm don’t know this also happens with iax :smile:

Any update on this issue?



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Anybody on this issue?




Any update on this



i got the same problem.
help appreciated.

never mind, fixed it myself…

in /var/lib/asterisk/static-http/config/js/astman.js

search for

if( ( line.beginsWith(host+':') || ( this_IP && line.beginsWith(this_IP + ' ') ) )  && line.contains( ' ' + uname_lc + ' ' ) )

replace by

if( ( line.beginsWith(host+':') || ( this_IP && line.beginsWith(this_IP + ' ') ) )  && line.contains( ' ' + uname_lc ) ){

Asterisk is looking for the account number in the ‘sip show registry’ command, with a leading and a trailing space. However, it also truncates the number after 10 characters (variable uname_lc). in my case, the number exceeds these 10 characters. thus asterisk cant find the matching line and reports an Unregistered back to the GUI.

@ Asterisk-GUI 2.0 Developers: Please correct this in the next svn Release. Thx!


Finally I have the time to go over this, Thank thunder this fix the issue.



That is unlikely to happen based on this as Digium have a policy of not looking at patches unless they are submitted via with a valid, electronic, licence to allow Digium full use of them.

You need to submit this to the bug tracker and you either need to complete the licence formalities, or describe the problem without using examples of the corrected code.

Thanks for the hint. Since this is an Asterisk-GUI bug, i already submitted the issue in the GUI mailing list. If that doesn’t help, I shall consider reporting that bug on bugtracker.