Problems with CDR(UniqueID) for MixMonitor and UniqueID of CDR table

Hi to all,
I am trying to identify a record call made with MixMonitor app using the variable {CDR$(uniqueid)} but the number registred in the MixMonitor and in the CDR table are differents.

How can I solve it?
Have any variable that register the same information that I can use in the MixMonitor app and get the same in the database?

This is the of CDR(uniqueid) variable with MixMonitor app: 1532611220

and this is the value of cdr uniqueid field in the database: 1532611221

jcolp, do you know how to solve it?

Please don’t directly tag other board members in an effort to get someone to review your issue. Josh does a great deal of commenting here, providing immeasurable help, but he’s not bound to provide review of all queries.

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malcolmd, thanks for this review and sorry to had tagged him.

He really help others here and helped me many times. I will not make it anymore.

Asking for help by opening a thread is totally fine. I’ve had to come down on other before for bumping their own threads by tagging one of the frequent posters on the board, and I want to be consistent in my behavior. :slight_smile:

Was the call transferred?

No Allan, but I think that solved this issue enabling the field “linkedid” in the cdr table.

I am making some tests yet to confirm but looks thats this field register the same ID of the MixMonitor.