Problems with AGI-Scripts


I have set up Asterisk on a Ubuntu 10.04 machine.
In my dialplan some AGI-Scripts are executed. The following commands are generated by the scripts:

printf("DATABASE PUT DEL xyz/abc def\n"); 
printf("DATABASE DELTREE xyz/abc\n");

The AGI-Scripts are written in C.
In the CLI I got the following message for each of the commands:
ERROR[11600]: utils.c:1127 ast_carefulwrite: write() returned error: Broken pipe

The Dialplan runs perfect but I wonder if I have something to do against those messages.
I read that it could be something to do with the stdin! The response messages from asterisk to the AGI command are stored in the stdin and must be read after each command.
I tried to read those response messages but nothing changed.


You failed to read the responses.

Each command that you send to Asterisk will have a response returned to your script on stdin. Make sure you are reading all of the responses before terminating the script.

FYI: This is also common with AMI scripts that issue commands and close the connection without proper response retrieval and disconnect.