Problems making calls through SPA3102

I recently got an unlocked SPA3102 to attach to my Asterisk server. I have managed to get calls from my PSTN line to ring my analog phone and have asterisk answer. I have not been able to make outgoing calls on my PSTN. I have a dialplan in the SPA3102 that should allow me to make calls directly out of PSTN line (by dialing # before the number) or send outbound calls through the Asterisk system. Neither way is working, though I do not think the problem is Asterisk.

When I pick up the phone, I have a dialtone. I dial a number and it rings once, goes silent for a few seconds, then gives me a busy signal. Any help is appreciated. I can send any configuration files that might help fix this. I also posted this to Linksys’s forum. Thanks.


Look at this post: , perhaps it wiil help you.


Marco Bruni

Thanks, but that post only discusses calls into Asterisk from outside. There is no mention of making calls out of the PSTN line either through Asterisk or the SPA3102 directly.

at least you could test like this. dial to the spa3102’s voip number, you will hear an dial tone. then you could dial your destination number on pstn.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.