Problem with websockets and Stasis app not active


I have a very busy (1400 concurrent calls) ARI application. At pick time it has problem with the websockets connection resulting in the foliowing errors which appears mutiple times for about a minute:

[2021-01-26 10:04:25] NOTICE[227760] ari/ari_websockets.c: Problem occurred during websocket write to, websocket closed
[2021-01-26 10:04:25] WARNING[227758] ari/ari_websockets.c: WebSocket read error: Software caused connection abort
[2021-01-26 10:04:26] ERROR[255295][C-00003d91] res_stasis.c: Stasis app ‘Group1_Listeners2’ not active

Please note that the error is not that the Stasis application is not registered, but that is not active. What does it mean? What can cause these errors?

It is caused by the websocket becoming disconnected. The act of connecting via websocket creates the application if it does not exist already, and when the websocket disconnects the application remains but in an inactive state. While inactive new channels can’t execute it but existing ones remain in it.

I see. Do you have any idea what can cause the websocket to disconnect?
Also, does messages that occur while the application is disconnected are being queued until it reconnect, or are they lost forever?

The websocket can get disconnected because of networking malfunctions, timeouts, firewall issues, etc. It’s up to the application to periodically test the websocket connection and reconnect if needed.
From what I understand from jcolp’s answer, events for existing channels will resume after the connection is recreated.

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