ARI moving a channel to a bridge, Bridge not in Stasis application; Channel currently recording

Earlier this week we received an error when adding a channel to a bridge.
It’s something we do literally millions of times a day, but we occasionally get errors telling us the “Bridge not in Stasis Application”, or this week we received: “Bridge not in Stasis application; Channel currently recording”

We’re using ARI 3.1 and Asterisk 16.1.1
The bridge was created by the stasis application, and we were able to manipulate it within the stasis app. Many channels were added to the bridge, but at one point the bridge started to give the error “Bridge not in Stasis application; Channel currently recording” when adding channels, and continued that way through out the rest of the run.

Does anyone have any experience with these errors? Or any insight to give?

With such an old version it could certainly be an issue that has already been resolved. I don’t know if anyone is going to invest the time to dig into the history and investigate that to see if it is true.

I look at the changes for 16.9, and there seemed to be a lot to do with stasis bridges, but nothing specific to my problem.
Thanks for the insight

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