Problem With SIP Trunk Registration


I have two asterisk server… version 1.4.16, (freePBX version 1st server, 2nd server, and have 3 voip numbers… on the 1st server all 3 numbers registred without problems. but on 2nd server no one can’t register… when i enter “sip show registry” command in Asterisk CLI the show “request send”…

What is the output of sip show peers on each server? Also, are you attempting to register the same numbers on both servers? Your SIP provider may have restrictions.

i have two numbers with one provider and 1 number other provider, all 3 numbers registred on server #1 but on 2nd server no one can’t install, server both server configured equally. (on 1st server i have number 484002, and 422292. i want registered number 484003 on 2nd server. but number 484003 can’t registred on 2nd server and can registred on 1st server…)

Strange, sounds like a provider issue.

Two things:

First is to try a SIP debig and see what is being sent back to you from both servers when you send off the registrations.

Second is to remember, that two registrations to the same IP address will turn up in the same context in the dial plan. The context will be the one from the last registration in your sip.conf. Something to be aware of as incoming calls will end up in the wrong context if you are not careful.

Hope this helps.