Problem with restricting CallerID over SS7 with Asterisk & DAHDI

I have the following problem - I cant restrict the callerid on outbound SS7 calls. If I set something like:
I see in the Calling Party Number:

[2] Calling Party Number:
[2] Nature of address: 3
[2] NI: 0
[2] Numbering plan: 1
[2] Presentation: 0
[2] Screening: 1
[2] Address signals: 000000000

Which is unacceptable.

So I was searching on google and found that I should set
in my chan_dahdi.conf and use
in my dialplan.
However using that(or any of the possible CALLERPRESS options) causes seeing the real number in
Address signals, but the Screening indicator is always 0, even if I don’t set the CALLERPRES. This dissallows me to complete calls since the provider is instantly rejecting them.

Could someone share some thoughts on how to fix that?

I use Asterisk 13.1 and DAHDI Version:

Thanks in advance

Finally I managed to solve it - it appears that CALLERPRES() is depreciated.
Using the following:
Set(CALLERID(num-pres)=prohib_passed_screen) does the trick.
This way I can see in the IAM both the screening indicator and the Presentation flag set to 1.