Problem with public context

Hello all,

There is an asterisk 11 box with odbc mysql configuration and sometimes i have a little problem ,

Call from XXX to extension ‘XXX’ rejected because extension not found in context ‘public’

and there is no one public context in extensions.conf, when i add it in configuration, it works.

i googled this problem, but there are no good results and solutions.


This is a very simple error, and the error message should be self explanatory.

An incoming call arrived from a device for which XXX was specified in the context= line in the device specification, or failing that the, the general section of the device technology configuration file (e.g .sip.conf), and it requested extension XXX. There was either no context called XXX or there was no extension in it that matched XXX.

firstly thanks for reply,

i dont mean that, i know that this error is a very simple, but in my case there is nowhere public context, in my sip.conf default context is ‘test’.

It seems that the extension that originates the call has public as its context. Check the extension settings in your sip.conf.

I think public context is the default context for guest calls, so check if you have allowguest=yes