Problem with IAXMODEM, Ubuntu 8.1 Server, Asterisk 1.4


I’ve been playing around Linux for a few weeks and it is sinking in slowly. I am trying the following setup:

Ubuntu Server 8.10

I got Ubuntu running. Easy part so far
I got Hylafax running with success with a serial modem
I got Asterisk running on our LAN with Softmodems

No PBX hardware is installed so far. That will come when the rest is setup correctly.

Now I am trying to get Hylafax and Asterisk to talk to each other. It seems IAXMODEM is the way. So I got IAXMODEM through APT-GET. So far so good.

The problem starts when trying to configure IAXMODEM with Hylafax. No way to get it working. ttyIAX0 does not register well with faxaddmodem as not being a serial device. The only help so far was to create in inittab new entries which are not supported by Ubuntu… Reference are made to /etc/event.d/ but with little help on what to create and how.

I guess I’ll find more problems going forward, but I am stuck here for now.

Any help is welcome.