Problem with call time

I am new in Asterisk. I have an AsteriskNow After 30 sec the call breaks. Is there some configuration where this timer can be changede. Thanks.

Probably, but that is not the right solution. You need to find out why it is breaking. Typically the ultimate problem is misconfiguration of firewalls and for NAT. E.g. this will happen if Asterisk never sees an ACK for an incoming call, as a result of its being configured to report a private network address, to UACs outside that network.

Thank you. Now that I remember i was doing some settings with the integrated firewall. Perhaps that is the problem. I will change the setings and we will see what will hapen.

I stopped the firewall but the problem stays. The maximum call time is again 30 sec. There is no NAT. The Asterisk is used for student training. It is in an internal network.

You need to provide the actual SIP trace to see what is being signaled and what is precisely going on. This can be done using “sip set debug on” or “pjsip set logger on” depending on which SIP channel driver you are using.