Problem with asterisk auto-answering incoming calls

And I don’t want that ! :smile:

Hi there, and thanks in advance for all the help you’ll be able to give me !

Here is my question/problem :

When my asterisks receives call using chan-capi and Dialogic Diva card, I want to forward those calls to a SIP User Agent, but it immediatly answers before the SIP UA does accept or reject the call.

In order to accentuate the problem I used the following context :

exten => _XXX,1,Ringing()
exten => _XXX,n,Wait(20)

And i got the following logs :

– Executing [102@isdn-in:1] Ringing(“CAPI/ISDN1#03/102-2”, “”) in new stack
– Executing [102@isdn-in:2] Wait(“CAPI/ISDN1#03/102-2”, “20”) in new stack
– CAPI/ISDN1#04/0296XXXXXX-0 answered SIP/101-00000000

Of course the line saying the call was answerd appears immediatly (not 20s afterwards).

Other than that, everything is fine. I know that asterisk can send it’s own ringing tone while waiting for the SIP UA to answer, however, I don’t want the caller to be paying fees even if nobody answers.

So how can I get asterisk ( not to automatically answer the call as soon as it enters the context ?

Many thanks in advance if you can help me with this :wink:

Is this a limitation of chan_capi and Ringing()? Would Progress() work? Does Ringing() work with a different channel type, e.g. SIP?

Hi and thanks.

Same behaviour using Progress instead of Ringing.

No problems with SIP/SIP calls (asterisks waits the answer of the caller before accepting the call from the caller).

It might me specific to chan_capi yes, or perhaps there is a parameter somewhere in some file ?

I’m quite new with asterisk.

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Sorry, I’m not familiar with chan_capi’s options. Anyone out there who can help?



I second this question !

Is there anyone that’d be able to help a bit ?