Problem Playing Announcements from Remote Server in Asterisk

I’m newbie in Asterisk and having a problem playing announcements from a remote server in my IVR flow that I developed with Asterisk 16.28.0, and I need your help.

In my IVR flow, when I want to play announcement files from the remote server, I receive the following messages:

[Dec 22 10:45:02] WARNING[1824098][C-00000015]: file.c:824 ast_openstream_full: File http://ANNOUNCESERVERIP:8080/sound/PromptTT/9333/tr/237404-a.wav does not exist in any format
[Dec 22 10:45:02] WARNING[1824098][C-00000015]: file.c:1303 ast_streamfile: Unable to open http://ANNOUNCESERVERIP:8080/sound/PromptTT/9333/tr/237404-a.wav (format (ulaw)): No such file or directory
[Dec 22 10:45:02] WARNING[1824098][C-00000015]: app_playback.c:513 playback_exec: Playback failed on PJSIP/ANI-00000039 for http://ANNOUNCESERVERIP:8080/sound/PromptTT/9333/tr/237404-a.wav

The format of the announcement files is PCM signed 16 bit, 8000Hz, 128kbps mono.

S100ATX02*CLI> core show file formats
Format     Name       Extensions
------     ----       ----------
slin       mp3        mp3
g729       g729       g729
adpcm      vox        vox
slin16     wav16      wav16
slin       wav        wav
gsm        gsm        gsm
ilbc       iLBC       ilbc
siren14    siren14    siren14
h263       h263       h263
siren7     siren7     siren7
g726       g726-16    g726-16
g726       g726-24    g726-24
g726       g726-32    g726-32
g726       g726-40    g726-40
g722       g722       g722
ulaw       au         au
alaw       alaw       alaw|al|alw
ulaw       pcm        pcm|ulaw|ul|mu|ulw
gsm        wav49      WAV|wav49
g723       g723sf     g723|g723sf
g719       g719       g719
slin192    sln192     sln192
slin96     sln96      sln96
slin48     sln48      sln48
slin44     sln44      sln44
slin32     sln32      sln32
slin24     sln24      sln24
slin16     sln16      sln16
slin12     sln12      sln12
slin       sln        sln|raw
h264       h264       h264

When I upload the same announcement files to my Asterisk server, there is no problem, but when I try to play them from the remote server, I get the above warnings.

Also When I telnet to the remote server, the connection is established.

Can you share how I should edit my Asterisk configuration in order to play the announcement files on the remote server in the correct format or any other solution suggestions?

If there are any config you want to see, I can show you.


I successfully downloaded an announcement file from the remote server (wget http://ANNOUNCESERVERIP:8080/sound/PromptTT/9333/tr/239254-a.wav).

I am seeking guidance on resolving this issue and understanding why Asterisk fails to play the remote audio file despite a successful download and a valid file format. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated."


Have you checked the request is happening eg. looking at webserver logs, capturing with tcdump, etc. ? Maybe there is something blocking the outbound HTTP direct from Asterisk process ?

Hacky workarounds include using the Asterisk CURL function to download to temporary file, then Playback() that; or a cronjob that downloads all the files you need to local cache every X minutes (assuming they aren’t dynamically generated based on each caller coming in.)

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