Problem pgsql during startup of asterisk


I installed Asterisk on a debian. Everything worked very well until I wanted to restart asterisk!
I did asterisk -r “restart now” and it never wanted to restart.
With asterisk-c I found the mistake:

What could be the problem?

Problem Solved. In fact I tried to install a different version of asterisk therefore it no longer wanted to boot.

uh, could you kindly say what solved your issue?


In fact I wanted to install the package asterisk-chan-capi but it depends on the package asterisk. So I also installed the package asterisk (that I had not since I had downloaded asterisk, libri, zaptel and asterisk-addons on the site of digium.) But it does not properly installed so I uninstalled and it was good.
I will recover chan_capi on

thanks… i guess postgresql is pointless in my set up… i’m using asteriskNOW anyway.

I have never installed postgres. I suppose it must be automatically installed when installing asterisk.