[Help] New install on Ubuntu server core dump on startup

Using Ubuntu server 7.10 with prerequisites: ncurses, openssl, zlib and associated -devel. I installed version and I get a core dump after running asterisk -vvvvgc.
The only error I noticed: res_config_pgsql.c: 728 pgsql_reconnect failed to connect to server on
The last few lines before core dump:
==Manager registered action Monitor
==Manager registered action StopMonitor
==Manager registered action ChangeMonitor
==Manager registered action PauseMonitor
==Manager registered action UnPauseMonitor
res_monitor.so => (Call Monitoring Resource)
Segmentation fault (core dump)
I did make clean; make install twice - no difference.
Any help appreciated.

I have found the problem - I had an old installation with old modules in /usr/lib/asterisk/modules. I simply deleted these and re-installed.