G.729 codec support for trunk or 1.6 version of Asterisk


I am using trunk version of Asterisk. Unfortunately I am not able to load g729 codec module. I have pretty much tried all the “codec_g729a.so” binaries available in
downloads.digium.com/pub/telepho … ux/x86-32/

But I get the following error

module load codec_g729a.so
[Jul 10 05:25:20] WARNING[5501]: loader.c:379 load_dynamic_module: Error loading module ‘codec_g729a.so’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/codec_g729a.so: undefined symbol: ast_verbose
[Jul 10 05:25:20] WARNING[5501]: loader.c:670 load_resource: Module ‘codec_g729a.so’ could not be loaded.

I have around 100, g729 codec licenses from Digium.

Does anyone have working g729 module for Asterisk trunk?

thanks in advance.


I have some problem, to load g729 codec module.

what to do, someone could help?

dmesg information:

CPU0: Intel® Xeon™ CPU 2.80GHz
CPU1: Intel® Xeon™ CPU 2.80GHz

Asterisk Information:

core show version

Asterisk SVN-trunk-r131422 built by root @ SS7GW2 on a i686 running Linux on
2008-07-16 19:10:22 UTC

I am using font codec -



Log asterisk/message-

[Jul 17 06:46:17] NOTICE[5838] timing.c: Multiple timing modules are loaded. You should only load one.

[Jul 17 06:46:17] WARNING[5838] loader.c: Error loading module
’codec_g729a.so’: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/codec_g729a.so: undefined
symbol: ast_verbose

[Jul 17 06:46:17] WARNING[5838] loader.c: Module ‘codec_g729a.so’ could not be loaded.