Problem inbound routing and DID call | IP based authenticati


i Add a trunk for IP based authentication to generate calls from my other trunk

::Trunk settings::

i add inbound routing to generate calls from my other trunks

ALL Calls
any DID / any CID

Set destination:
Trunk: my selected trunk.

My problem is that if i received call from friend trunk it is not dailing did/cid no. it didn’t dail anything… it try to dail s or blank…

Please tell me that how to configure inbound routing that it dail same as DID no.

Generally questions about configuring FreePBX should be asked on

However I note that you have insecure=very on what you say is an outgoing only trunk with no password.

insecure=very is now ignored, and I think that started on 1.8, you must use insecure=invite, for the most common use of insecure, or insecure=port,invite, if you really needed very.

insecure=invite does nothing if the trunk really is only outgoing.

insecure=invite does nothing if there is no secret.

type=friend, as against peer, is nearly always bad practice, and serves no useful purpose on an outbound only trunk.

(And canreinvite is deprecated.)

However, I suspect, subject to the provision of useful diagnostics, that your outbound trunk is being matched, in preference to the inbound one, and you are ending up in the default context. Using separate trunks is a particularly FreePBX thing, which you should probably take up with the FreePBX people.