Problem in Festival

I have installed festival over my asterisk box but when i try to execute it from my dial plan, it gives me the following error.

– Executing Festival(“SIP/101-08198ed0”, “Asterisk and Festival are working together”) in new stack
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/festival.conf’: Found
Apr 4 14:49:54 WARNING[2668]: app_festival.c:481 festival_exec: Unable to read from cache/festival fd

Kindly tell me the reason where i’m wrong.

did u edited the configuration file festival.conf…

Edit the /etc/asterisk/festival.conf file and ensure the following statements are uncommented (these are used by asterisk):

festivalcommand=(tts_textasterisk “%s” 'file)(quit)\n

try it with it…i am also a new one in asterisk…i got it connected…but did’t got any sound…if ur works tell me ok…all the best…