Priority values must be sequential in extensions.conf?

When building a more robust prompt recording extension with dialogs, confirmations, timeouts, retries, etc… I started to remember my Apple Basic programming days and wanted to manage the priority values like line numbers in basic. The idea is to leave some space between each instruction so you can add stuff later without renumbering and catching all the places you reference in Goto and GotoIf statements.

When I tried this, (incrementing priority values by 10 instead of by 1 for successive statements within a given extension), my script was choking. When I changed back to single increment on priority numbers, it works fine.

Did I find something buggy, or is this by design? Is there an enhancement down the road to allow discontiguous priority values? The work-around of doing a NoOp on all intermediate priority numbers is weak.

This is by design. This is how the scripts know to exit when there’s no more to do. One trick I can suggest: instead of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc… number your steps as 1, n, n, n, n, etc… The “n” just means “next”.