Pri hangup cause?

Action: Originate
Channel: dahdi/g0/XXX
Context: fax
Exten: 999
Priority: 1
Timeout: 30000

dahdi/g0/ is E1 pri.
How can i get channel Channel: dahdi/g0/XXX’s dialstatus from AMI?
Why it’s hangup event cause is always 19 when channel is busy or noanswer or cannel,or chanunavail?
Thanks !!!

You can’t get DIALSTATUS because no Dial application has been run (wrap the call in a Local channel to achieve that).

If this is a common channel signalling connection, the ISDN cause code will be from the central office end and you will have to ask them why they reject everything as “no answer (alerted)”.

This should have been on Asterisk Support.

Thank you!!!
It is central office’s problem?