Hangup Detection with PRI

Hello everyone.

I just got a new asterisk install running at one of my call centers and am having some trouble with hangup detection it appears.

Here is the setup so far:

TW Telecom T1 <=> Asterisk Box <=> Legacy NEC 2400 PBX

When I call in on a DID routed to the T1 my dialplan just passes through to the PBX. The station on the NEC rings, pick it up, and we can talk. That part works good. The problem is when the NEC extension hangups first. If they do, the extensions immediatly starts ringing again and the caller from the T1 side hears ringing again. You can pick up the NEC extensions and the caller is still there. In the CLI when this is happening it looks like the Asterisk box is opening more DAHDI channels for each subsequent hangup.

This is a real basic setup with a US T1 PRI, ESF, B8zs. Using a Digium TE420 card with echo canceller.

Dell R710 server running CentOS this is a vanilla AsteriskNOW 1.7 install

Any ideas on what might cause this?




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