Prevent an extention from making outside calls


I have just compelted my first Asterisk install and it is working fine!
I have two problems that maybe some one can help me with.

  1. The installation consists of both IP based phones and Analog phones the volume on the analog phone is very low - how can I increase this?

  2. After hours the main line is re-directed to security - We don’t want any external calls made on this extension EXCEPT to speed dial numbers. I would like to find out how to do this - 1 - create a speed dial list and 2 - stop any outbound dialing - they may dial any extention on the system - they have an analog phone.

Thanks for a greate system!

Kind regards
Tony Ferguson

Hi Tony

I would assume that the system has different barring levels for all users ? and these are controlled by contexts. you just need to either creat account codes or speed calls(which I would assume are already on the system)
Then give security a context that is A timed and B limites to what it can do.