Prefix + Dialplan


I have a problem setting of extension.conf dialplan. I want the fixed dialing prefix was assigned eg: 0048. How to do it?
Example, to dial 745634523 and get the final number - 0048 745634523

Trivially concatenate.

Can I ask you to write like this?. I’m looking for just a few hours, and probably do not understand what’s going on.

The example below prefixes dialled numbers that begin with 7 and are 9 digit long with 0048. You will need to change your Dial parameters to your exact requirements - the uses Dahdi and you may be using SIP, for example:

The {EXTEN} variable is the dialled number, so this example will add 0048 onto the start of it.

There is more detail at look for the String Handling Functions towards the bottom of the page